RoHS Compliance

The 2002/95/EC directive deadline for RoHS compliance of July 2006 has now passed. We initiated a plan for RoHS compliance in December 2003 to be totally compliant by the second quarter of 2005. (In some cases however, custom designs and specific requirements of certain products may have had a bearing on part of our RoHS programme).

It is our intention to use tin/copper/silver on our Pb free manufacture. It would be appreciated therefore if our customers could instruct us into their Pb free intentions, for instance any use of bismuth in their manufacture would have an effect on our plans etc.

It is not our intention to change part numbers to identify RoHS compliant items. Our packaging and documentation will include the Pb free and/or RoHS compliant symbol if required by our customers. Our date and batch coding identification of individual items will provide full traceability for our records.

Our design and development engineers are actively encouraged to work closely with customers and document all aspects of new products with regard to the use of Pb free and RoHS compliance thereby ensuring all new products start life in line with the directive.

Our program includes buying only RoHS compliant components wherever possible and so all compliant parts are identified at supplier. We have been involved in extensive tests and trials to ensure the switch on to Pb free will be as trouble free as possible. With our target of June 2005 being achieved it must be accepted that we are now Pb free and as far as is possible, RoHS compliant. We are however, reliant on our suppliers to provide Pb free and RoHS compliant components to maintain our objective. All compliant parts are documented at our goods inwards and segregated from any non-compliant parts in our stock.

AGW use RohS Compliant components wherever possible

ROHS Compliant
ROHS Compliant