Voltage Transformer Manufacturer

We are a voltage transformer manufacturer and produce a variety of transformers including: Ferrite, Toroidal and Laminated. These are produced using multi-head automated machines (see video), semi-auto machines, copper strip winding machines, hand winding machines and various toroidal coil winding techniques and machines.

A large variety of core and conductor materials are used to specifically suit the power, frequency and insulation requirements of the transformer. Core materials include iron, ferrite, iron powder, amorphous. They are in the full range of shape styles, such as E core variations, laminations, RM cores, etc. Conductor material is usually copper, but can be in the form of enamelled wire, copper strip, high voltage insulation wire and litz multi-stranded wire.

Transformers we have produced are used in many applications, such as SMPS for LED lighting (see LPA case study), mains power conversion for commercial and medical uses and high voltage (HV) transformers for applications such as electro-static spraying.

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Design and Manufacture of Voltage Transformers

Voltage Transformer Manufacturer