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We are a toroidal transformer manufacturer. We design and manufacture toroidal coils, both toroidal transformers and toroidal inductors. The toroidal transformers can be manufactured in the range of 1 VA to 1k VA to suit customers' toroidal transformer input, output and dimension requirements. We can assist with the design and manufacture of toroidal inductors, such as suppression chokes, common mode chokes, SMPS inductors etc. These types of toroidal inductor use core material derived from ferrite, iron powder or amorphous iron material.

To manufacture toroidal transformers and toroidal inductors AGW has extensive design and production capabilities. These design and manufacturing capabilities meet most requirements, ranging from CNC toroidal coil winding machines to assisted pull winding. There are also finishing production operations including toroidal mounting, varnishing, encapsulation and vacuum impregnation.


A toroidal transformer is a transformer that is designed on a doughnut shaped core. Toroidal transformers offer small size, less leakage inductance and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). We design and manufacture toroidal transformers to the customer's requirement. The design of the toroidal transformer, both electrically and physically, can be aimed to meet the need of the application such as, power supply and power conversion.

Where are Toroidal Transformers found?

  • Power supplies
  • Radio transmitters
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) sensitive circuits
  • Any application requiring an efficient transfer or conversion of electrical energy

The required information to specify a toroidal transformer:

For a toroidal transformer it is typical to specify the power rating (expressed in VA), the number of primary and secondary windings and their respective voltage and current levels.

  • The operating frequency should be given to allow proper core calculations and sizing.
  • Proper wire sizing is accomplished by specifying the voltage and current levels across and passing through the toroidal transformer windings.
  • The size of the toroidal transformer is partly governed by the electrical requirements, but if there is specific size requirements, these should be stated and it can be checked to see if they are possible.
  • The method of connecting the toroidal transformer, in terms of leads is required and the method that the toroidal transformer will be mounted in the application.
  • Voltage insulation requirements.


A Toroidal inductor coil is an inductor that is designed on a doughnut shaped core. Toroidal inductors offer small size, less leakage inductance and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). We design and manufacture Custom Toroidal Inductor Coils for a variety of power supply, power conversion and suppression applications.

Where are Toroidal Inductors found?

  • Switch mode power supplies.
  • Filter applications.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) sensitive circuits.

Common types of toroidal inductor

  • Common mode choke
  • Differential mode choke
  • Toroidal filter
  • SMD mounted inductor
  • Fixed value inductor coil
  • Suppression choke

The required information to specify a toroidal inductor:

  • No load inductance in uH
  • Full load inductance in uH
  • DC Current in Amperes
  • AC Current in Amperes peak to peak
  • Operating frequency is needed for core calculations and wire sizing
  • Core material is selected for the known operating frequency or frequencies.
  • Other Toroidal inductor design considerations are space limitations and mounting technique.
  • Lead terminations are also specified through the design of a toroidal inductor.
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