Planar Transformers & Inductors

Planar transformers and planar inductors have certain advantages over conventional winding systems. These advantages are mainly in size and efficiency, with a typical efficiency of 98% being achieved, while their low profile makes them especially suitable for high density equipment designs. Other benefits of planar construction are very low leakage inductance, and minimum Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

We have developed enhanced ways to produce chokes and planar transformers. Using a system of sealing the copper plates inside a plastic envelope, insulation integrity is ensured. Another system using a winding technique similar to that used in conventional chokes and transformers, provides a cost-effective alternative.

They are available in power ranges from a few Watts to several Kilowatts, and their terminations and mountings can be tailored to customer requirements.

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Design and Manufacture of Planar Transformers & Inductors

Planar Transformers

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