High Voltage Transformer Manufacturer

We manufacture High Voltage Transformers and specialise in the manufacture of the electronic switch mode versions.

We use specialist wires, the most effective plastic for bobbin manufacture and high quality insulation materials, which are required in order to manufacture transformers with a voltage build-up of over 20kV.

Our facilities have the ability to varnish, impregnate and pot the transformers in order to gain even better isolation. The potting process can be carried out under vacuum conditions to give the potting material complete penetration of the coil.

The manufacture of high voltage transformers with the specialist material must be carried out in a very controlled manner. This is to make sure the materials are accurately positioned, so the required isolation is gained and maintained.

Using our extensive Partial Discharge testing facilities (located in-house), means that we can meet the discharge requirement and the transformers’ isolation will be maintained over a very long period.

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Design and Manufacture of High Voltage Transformers