Skills & Departments

Design and Development department

Modern manufacturing in the UK can no longer rely on large quantities and low margins. The manufacturer must support the customer by aiding the development of solutions to problems and adding innovation to projects. This mutual work means that competitive products can be produced in the country.

Therefore, it is to AGW‘s advantage to have an experienced and skilled design and development department.

This department supports the customer from the initial concept of the product, through the product design, prototype manufacture and production engineering. AGW is very good at offering technical and practical support, as well as being able to supply customers with a rapid sampling service.

AGW has an engineering culture, to which higher management contribute and encourage. This culture has allowed the Company to continue successfully, because of the strong relationships built up with customers who recognise and value the culture and the support that it provides.

AGW use this experience and skill, in order to combine excellent engineering integrity with commercial considerations. It provides a product that suits manufacture and meets the application’s requirements.

Engineering workshop

Production is supported by the in-house mechanical engineering workshop. The workshop has lathes, grinders, saws, drills and a miller. This equipment allows the manufacture of mechanical components, as well as providing all the custom made winding mandrels, production jigs and fixtures, that the Company require. Having this in-house facility allows AGW to react quickly and adapt manufacturing methods to produce product efficiently and correctly. The workshop is staffed by an experienced tool maker, with skilled assistants. Again, the higher management contribute their own skills and experience in this department.

Experienced/skilled workforce

As mentioned above, the products that are produced in a UK manufacturing environment tend to be custom and towards high end engineering.

AGW has an experienced production workforce, which has the manual skills required to wind these intricate coils. This allows the supply of unusual and complicated products.

AGW’s culture and experience aids the manufacture of custom, unusual products, which require additional skills and management.

We have an experienced workforce, with the manual skills to carry out the hand winding of intricate coils!