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Re-Usable Packaging A Success Story for many Clients

AGW has been involved in the wind turbine industry for a number of years, they make wound components that are used in the power management systems sited at the bottom of the masts of large turbines.

One of the latest projects has been with Windward Engineering, who have developed wind turbines for use in the marine industry. These turbines are designed to be placed on yachts and boats and exploit the sea breezes.

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New Machine Provides best ever Facility for Wave Winding at AGW

At the end of 2018 we obtained a new machine that is capable of carrying out the wave winding style of coil winding in a very accomplished manner, which improves the way in which we can offer this service to our customers.

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AGW Plan the Launch of their New Building

After much planning and organising at the beginning of the project, the new extension to the back of our factory is nearing completion.

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