AGW Looking to Enhance Capabilities in Planar Transformers.

In January 2018 AGW began the process of further developing the skillset of the team and internal infrastructure in relation to Planar Transformers.

The investment in expert knowledge will allow AGW to improve their existing capabilities and set the foundations for moving into a new market. Having experience in the manufacture of Planar Transformers, this move forward will position AGW as the de facto provider in this arena.

“I am excited that AGW is further expanding its design and manufacturing versatility. AGW intends to be a recognised supplier of Planar Magnetic Components"

Nigel Godwin, Joint Managing Director

Planar technology is a relatively modern process that allows transformers to operate at a high frequency. Unlike the conventional “wire-wound-on-a-bobbin" transformers, planar transformers use flat windings, usually on a printed circuit board, instead of copper wire to form the coils.

The advantage of these transformers and inductors relate to the higher efficiency offered, with a typical efficiency of 98% being achieved, while their low profile makes them especially suitable for high density equipment designs.

If you require more information on Planar Transformers and how AGW can help you, please contact us.

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