AGW Electronics manufacture the largest coil in their history.

We have completed the manufacture of a 3metre coil for Megavolt, a manufacturer and supplier of high voltage and partial discharge testing equipment in Cheshire.

The coil, which is an inductor that will be utilised within a partial discharge testing assembly, required approximately 1mile of wire which was wound in a single layer on a tube that was 3metres in length, had a diameter of 250mm and a 15,000volt difference between the top and bottom of the coil.

Megavolt approached AGW as they knew they could produce high quality bespoke coils and trusted them with their specific requirements.

"We are more than happy with this massive inductor supplied by AGW. Not only did they agree to accept this unorthodox request, but they delivered an exceptionally high quality inductor, for an excellent price, all within only a few days"

Ben Horsley - Mega Volt

“I am proud of the team as while manufacturing a coil of this size was a new experience for AGW, we completed the project on time and produced a coil to meet the unique requirements made by Megavolt.”

Nigel Godwin, Joint Managing Director.


Largest coil made by AGW

Largest coil made by AGW on a crane

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