AGW Electronics manufacture the largest coil in their history.

We have completed the manufacture of a 3metre coil for Megavolt, a manufacturer and supplier of high voltage and partial discharge testing equipment in Cheshire.

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An introduction to the Internet of Things

One of the most used phrases within technology circles currently is “Internet of Things” or IoT and relates to devices that are connected to the internet through embedded sensors that provide them with the ability to collect and exchange data without the need for human interaction.

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Why Partial Discharge Testing is vital to the success of your product.

Partial Discharge Testing allows manufacturers to be certain that their product will have a long life-span before a failure occurs. This confidence allows the product to be installed into equipment that operates in hard to replace and/or service environments such as off-shore wind farms.

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Winding techniques and machines

We are proud of the diversity of winding techniques and machines we have available. This diversity allows us to manufacture in many of the standard manners and also provide coils that need to be wound in a different manner for special requirements.

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Christmas Shutdown

We hope everyone has had a fantastically productive year and as it comes to an end we have our annual Christmas shutdown, which will be from 2pm on the 23rd of December 2016 and re-open again on the 3rd of January 2017 with the final day for deliveries being December 21st.

Everyone here at AGW Electronics wishes you a very Merry Christmas and every success for the New Year!

How Electronics have transformed everyday life.

Since we produced our first electronic equipment in 1975, we have witnessed many advances in the industry.  Today’s electronic equipment has lower power consumption, works effectively, is fast and relatively cost effective while becoming more resistant to physical damage and human error.

However, it wasn’t always like this – see our timeline below that shows how electronics have got to where they are today.

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How AGW International could save your company money.

When the EU referendum was announced, many businesses decided to hold off making any significant purchases until they found out the result however, when the result was announced (we are leaving just in case you didn’t know), businesses decided to still hold off until they were confident in what was going to happen.

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Sponsored Egg Run for Sheffield Children’s Hospital with James Toseland

We helped Sheffield Children’s Hospital this Easter weekend with t-shirt sponsorship for the Egg Run.

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Why we Produce the Best Audio Crossover Inductors for Loudspeakers

Generally, audio crossover inductors are manufactured as air coils. There is no solid core material in the centre of an air coil’s winding, just air.

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The Importance of Quality Testing in Electronic Components

It is essential that an electronic component passes the testing stage if it is to be made for mass production. Using a system ensures that technical errors can be found and determines whether it meets quality compliance which reduces a customer’s risk of bringing a new product to market.

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