Our History

Established in 1975

AGW was established in 1975 by Tony Godwin and George Wainwright. Both had a background in electronics engineering and manufacturing, specifically the design and manufacture of wound components.

Who we supplied to

We quickly grew to become industry leaders for producing wound components and electrical assemblies, supplying to the telecommunications and defence markets. As the market diversified, so did we and we now supply components to the power control, industrial drive and automotive markets, including bubble tubes and fibre optic lit carpets.

Previous products

As well as producing wound components and electrical assemblies we also produced model railway controllers and accessories, which we still have a great reputation for. As we became more established we began to produce more specialised components, manufacturing electronic sensory products for a local customer.

The New Factory

In 1997, due to our expansion, we had a custom made factory built on a newly established industrial estate in Staveley. Our new factory is 20,000 sq.ft. over two stories and its custom layout allows better production efficiency.

AGW International

AGW International was established in 2003, to allow our customers to benefit from off-shore manufacturing costs for higher volume products, without losing local service. Due to our expansion, in 2007 a 7,000 sq. ft. production and warehousing facility was built, which is linked to the factory.

Of the two original founders, George Wainwright retired in 1989 and Tony Godwin still works at the company as Joint Managing Director.

AGW continues to grow by producing an increasing diverse style of wound components, proud to be able to design and manufacture the different and difficult components.

Established in 1975, AGW have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of wound components

About AGW
About AGW

About AGW